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Property business in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing state is focused on revenue active industries to grow. Property business in Pakistan is becoming more and more with time. There are two perspectives to analyze the real estate business from the domestic lens and from the international lens.

Further, if you are seeking an investment opportunity in the real estate market of Pakistan, then grab your tea and keep scrolling.

Why is there a boom in property prices?

We need to understand that not only domestic factors such as Demographics, GDP or the demand and supply gap contribute significantly in the rise and fall of property prices but the international factors contribute as well.

For the past 200 years, world population rose from 1 billion to 7.3 billion. Where one family required 1 house for 5 members two years back, now needs 3 separate ones to live. Specifically, Pakistan being the 6th most populated country of the world inserts a great demand factor on the housing authorities and real estate owners to fluctuate the supply terms and conditions for residential property seekers.

The international factors, on the other hand, such as foreigner influx, CPEC and Chinese business investments, are the major factors affecting property prices in Pakistan. With an allocation of $46 billion for CPEC, the state of Pakistan has become a hub for Chinese interest and economic strategies for its smart power projection throughout the international arena. Chinese business would target local markets after CPEC, including metropolitan cities mainly Lahore and Karachi which would affect the local investors and their idea about investment prospects.

On the contrary, it would bring air of optimism for local investors as residential and commercial projects will boom such as Rashkai economic zone and fateh jang economic zone which are nearest to Islamabad. Moreover, hotels and motels construction would increase property business as well.

Industrial Investments in Pakistan

In the domain of industrial investments, Pakistan can flourish in the current pace of industrialization. Efforts have been done both on the governmental and private levels but the implementation process has not yet been experienced on practical grounds.

“We should make small industrial zones in Pakistan”

– Mr. Sheikh Shakil Ahmed (CEO of shared on the importance of the Industrial Real Estate portal in Pakistan.

We have land for industries. Then where is this industrial development being halted and by what exactly? There is a potential for industries within the area of D.G. Khan. Moreover, The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) will be established in Lahore based on 231 acres of land and the foundation stone of the Quaid-e-Azam Apparel Park project will be laid next month.

Industrial Real Estate has a great potential for investment, especially the business industries. It would not only result optimistically for the unemployed but the state development on a vast scale.

Residential Investment Prospects

Foreign Direct Investment by the Pakistani ex-pats is the most useful way of high-profit returns in the Real Estate sector because overseas Pakistani tend to invest in their homelands to make a secure financial asset for their future generations.

The government’s policy to cater to the demand and supply gap in the residential real estate Pakistan through Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme (NPHS)’19 is a mere adoption of the foreign model rather than a national-level strategy. Moreover, the government should talk about realistic targets, achievable by the current resource pool of Pakistan.

Safest residential investment with potential future growth demands a keen market survey. Trusted societies and trusted dealers are your way to the next investment opportunity.

How to find the best investment Opportunity in Pakistan?

Here is the list of the top 10 Real Estate advisers for the best properties in Pakistan:

  9. Kirayadaar.Com

Pakistan, the real estate business, can flourish and give more employment opportunities with a diverse economic boost. Foreign direct investments and public-private partnerships can help regulate the lost tracks of state development. With a keen focus on industrial investments, the real estate sector can boost all the linked industries that come under the umbrella.



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