QuickBooks Payroll Products – Making the Proper Option


It all starts with the need to improve the financial performance of your company. Every time you ask yourself how you can do better, the answer is quite simple – determine if there is a problem with accounting. If there are, you can remove them by choosing the correct QuickBooks payroll products.

If you are helping a client decide which QB payroll they should opt for, consider ease of use. Will they be able to understand and use the software in less time? Are they saving money and time while increasing the efficiency of the organization at a substantial rate? In this blog, you learn how you can help your customers make the right selection and why integrating payroll with QuickBooks would be the best decision they ever made for their company.

QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online – Choose Accordingly

The first step in taking the right payroll subscription is to identify which QB software your customer is currently using. It is highly likely that they are using one of the following –

QuickBooks Desktop: This version is generally preferred by organizations that want to handle their own payroll and taxes. It includes the following versions –

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise

Users can set up to track ‘Work Costs’ in Edit> Priority> Payroll and Employees.

Note: You are already getting QuickBooks Desktop with Payroll Enhanced Enterprise Gold and Platinum editions, so if your company doesn’t have any of this software, don’t bother looking for QuickBooks payroll products.

QuickBooks Online: Although it currently does not support the ‘ing job costing’ feature, this version of QB has some other tools and options.

Points to Remember When Searching QuickBooks Payroll Products

  1. Communicate with your customers. Talk to them in detail and find out what they are using at the moment. This will help you a lot in choosing a product for their organization that can integrate with existing software.
  2. Remember about supported features. Once you know what the client wants in terms of functionality, you can check whether payroll products really support those features. This is because some functions are only available in desktop or online versions, not both.
  3. Increase their ease of use with new additions. Your customers should be able to use this new software with confidence. Eventually, they can operate the payroll of their entire organization and fill various tax forms through it.

QuickBooks Payroll Products and Services – Other Perks

Given below are some additional features and services that can be availed if required –

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll

This option is ideal for your customers who want to do payroll and tax-related tasks at home. They can complete all these tasks using the form provided in this software – just fill them in and submit them.

More Services

Another option for processing payroll within the organization is QuickBooks Assisted Payroll. It is one of the QuickBooks payroll products that is preferred by business owners who need assistance to complete payroll and tax-related tasks.

Most tasks related to payroll processing and tax-handling can be completed in this software with the exception of the W-2 form – these owners will fill in to submit themselves. Users can adequately track job-costs here, along with scheduling their other tasks. However, this version is not available in all United States and your customer must have a compatible version of the QuickBooks desktop.

Complete Service – The All-Inclusive Package

This particular product has all the payroll features that may possibly be a requirement for a business owner. This is a separate module that runs without QuickBooks integration.

In addition, you can use this service on more than one computer if you need to access data from another location or device, such as a laptop, tablet, etc.

One thing to note here is that the full-service variant will not support the tracking feature for class or job costing.


We hope that this piece on QuickBooks payroll products will help you and your customers make better and well-prepared decisions. For more information, you can contact our QuickBooks Online Support phone number and share your questions and concerns with our expert team.


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