Simple Haircare Tips to Grow Your Hair

1. Use a hair mask.

You can get very affordable and cheap ones you can get good ones a little bit expensive ones. It doesn’t matter. But hair mass does help and I feel like taking the time to moisturize your face or your skin. It’s the same thing you’re helping to moisturize your hair and just putting into that time. So I think that’s why the result is really good.

So this is the troll’s essential damage care. And isn’t this so cute and all you have to do is? Just squeeze it out like this. And the texture itself is like any treatments out there or any conditioners out there. So I’m gonna put it on my hands and like that on my wet hair.

2. Massage in all mask thoroughly

And you want to make sure that you touch it like this in a way where you’re kind of massaging in all the goodness so you kind of play with that. And all you got to do is afterward tie it.I usually make like a little bun.

And then the next best thing you can do is to make sure that you can do everything in your power for the goodness or for the mask to soak deep into your hair.

So what I like to do is just get this little cheap plastic which you will call these I don’t know when you go to the hotel.

They have a for free is always just bring it with me and I’ll say you do what you gotta do you know. And it makes a difference in using this or not but if you don’t have it at home. What I like to do is the next best thing is to just get your towel and just wrap it. So I’m giving it that extra warmth for my hair. So all that goodness can so deep into my hair anyway so you can put it on for a long time but for your hair it’s fine.

But for your scalp to be wet for such a long time it’s not that great. So I would do it for about you know 30 minutes to an hour or maximum and just rinse it off with water and that’s it.

This resting and making sure that all the goodness soaked wall and what you’re going to do is just rinse it off with water and make sure that you don’t use water that’s too hot.

3. Use hair oil

The next product that I’m going to use is, of course, hair oil. I know many people use hair oil and using hair oil and not using hair oil makes a huge difference. you can use Tigi S Factor True Lasting Colour Hair Oil that is an ideal product for color-treated hair. It moisturizes your hair and scalp and leaves a natural shine. The product comes with ultra-sheer micro-shine oils that protect your hair color from heat. It also protects your hair color from sun rays and leaves a subtle shimmer. Tigi S Factor True Lasting Colour is made with coconut and almond oils. It tames flyaways and controls frizz. And sometimes it doesn’t matter if you get a really expensive one or a cheap one because usually, oils are very moisturizing and nourishing.

So just to be honest just make sure that you find something that works for your current financial situation or your current hair situation. So for me right now guys I have bleached hair. So for those of you with no bleached hair, I wanna recommend that you use it when it’s wet and afterward when you’re fully done drying it or styling it for me I have bleached hair so I’m in a very easy way.

How my hairstylist put it was if you have regular hair all you know healthy protein and nutrition are in your hair but if you have bleach there it means like you have an empty cup.

So for me having bleach tear the bad thing is it looks fabulous and I really love the color but it takes forever to dry it. It takes twice or three times longer for the hair to dry because it’s an empty cup when you wash your hair right. It eats up all the water. So with your empty cup when you wash your hair it fills it with the water so it takes much longer for you to dry it. And I think that’s one of the annoying things about having bleached hair.

But yes I still love it but I try to take care of it if I did not have bleached hair or for those of you that do not have bleached hair just get about two pumps of your oil. Make sure you rub it and put it in your hair and just massage a few times and then start blow dry. If the athlete’s hair like me just start blow-drying. When my hair is about 95 percent dry then I use my hair oil.

So I’m going to get about two pumps like that I apply to the kit at the end where it’s like the most damaged.

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