The 10 Things You Don’t Know About Your Interior Designer

Bored of that old, sagging sofa or those tattered, worn-out drapes or the paint-chipped kitchen wall – Let’s redecorate it all!

You have got a dream of decorating your house in your own way, but don’t know where to start, or you have got excellent plans for a dining space or bedroom but cannot manage and fit it all together. This is when you hire an Interior Designer.

Interior Decorators are essential when you want a shuffle but don’t know where to start with, or the other way- you have a very good idea but not being able to implement it due to a shortage of technical skills.

Here are the 10 things you should know before allowing a professional decorate your kingdom.

1. Professionals got connections

You must know the expert you are deploying in making your home. This means the interview between the potential candidates should be fair enough!

Since networking is a huge part of any business success, you would always prefer hiring a technically sound well experienced professional over a new start-up business company.

The suppliers should be known by the employer, in case of flooring or countertops- these are pricey, good connections can bring upon large discounts.

Moreover, with experience, people gain knowledge. Similarly, a good professional will guide you with the exact information regarding suppliers or designs.

2. Better discuss the budget first

You cannot expect the hired professional to think of your pockets before planning for some innovative ideas at your place. He would give emphasis on the quality and top-notch finishing and push beyond your budget.

Make sure you make the deal in the budget range you are comfortable with and then proceed for a renovation.

A wise professional would give you suggestions for cutting the budget and show you possible saving options.

3. Need not bypass your preferences

Your interior decorator is a professional and thus has preferences of his own. He should be let known the preferences and plans that you have made for your home. The couch, the stairs or the lights should be placed according to his advice but on your will.

Make sure that the professional development the house as you want it to be. Show the designer your choices and let him know of your hobbies and expectations.

It is important to clearly state your needs and demands to the designer.

4. The best at least

Just because they are professionals and claim to be the best doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Interns and students in this field often charge less than overrated professionals and produce better outputs.

Ask around for better suggestions to relatives and friends who have hired interior decorators before. Take time in hiring professionals and make your views clear to them, so that ‘you get what you pay for’.

5. Say no if it’s a no

It’s really not easy to reject an idea made by a professional when you don’t know much of it. Learn about it before saying ‘Yes’. If it feels fine, then go ahead or else, say ‘No’ to your decorator.

If he adds an element you don’t want or need, be confident is discarding his proposal and continue on your choice; because ultimately the home and the decision is yours’ and not the individuals’ who made it.

6. It’s Not All or Nothing

When you are planning to make the kitchen look better or the drawing rooms needs renovation, go only for it. It is not necessary to make a whole new home altogether.

There’s nothing like you can’t pick and choose when it comes to a professional design.

7.  It’s you home, might not be their priority

Interior Designers might fool you saying you are their top priority which is usually not, because of their huge client lists and busy schedules. But make clear terms so that you can get a grab of him when you need it.Check references to ensure that you’re a top priority.

To know more about professional interior designers you can reach out to De Panache| top rated Interior decorators in bangalore. They have a beautiful onboarding procedure and will guide you with every single detail.

8. No need for all to be new

All that is old should not be discarded or changed completely. Existing things brings the homely feel even if everything is renewed.

A vase or a wooden cabinet can be reused or modified and not necessarily changed.

9. Ideas might differ

Interior designers are there to help you out, in the process they might not like you décor ideas. Just the usual in your case. You might not as well like the ideas they present to you. Better not to get offended when they try to pursue you into something else.

10. Here & there in the budget

The interior designers want to serve you the best in the budget but there can be some highs and lows too. You must try and understand their case and welcome some changes in the budget to achieve an amazing outcome.


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