The 3 Most Relaxing Massages

Anyone who has ever gotten a massage can speak to the relaxing nature of the experience. Even more, the science behind the calming and relaxing effect of certain varieties of massages is real. One meta-study analysis of massage therapy techniques found that after just one session of massage therapy, study participants achieved a significantly reduced state of anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate. After multiple sessions of massage therapy, there were even noticeable reductions in depression levels. Given the proven positive impact a massage can have on your well-being, it is no wonder that so many different varieties exist today. Here is an overview of three of the most effective massages for quelling your anxiety and helping you feel more relaxed:

The Hong Kong Massage:

Known to industry experts as one of the single most effective massage techniques to stimulate a person’s metabolism and help individuals to build stronger, slimmer and more toned physiques, the Hong Kong Massage is an excellent and unique therapy that also offers a host of relaxation benefits. The Hong Kong Massage style involves the use of a variety of essential oils to help lift bodily and mental fatigue. Additionally, the Hong Kong Massage is most widely recognized for its unique masseuse technique. During this massage, the masseuse uses his or her feet directly on your back in tandem with the essential oils. This technique can be more intense than a traditional massage, and it is usually followed by a relaxing bath to calm your nervous system and relax your muscles. Overall, you will surely leave a Hong Kong style massage feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The Hot Stone Massage:

The hot stone massage technique is another equally effective and popular form of relaxation. In this type of massage, your masseuse will apply smooth, heated and flat stones to specific parts of your body that carry a heightened level of stress and tension. The stones will be applied in a circular motion across your body, working to help ease and relax your tense muscles and any damaged soft tissue. The massage therapist may also use more of the Swedish Massage techniques such as longer strokes, vibration, tapping or kneading to make sure that all areas of your body are adequately targeted. This massage technique has been proven to significantly reduce stress in as little as fifteen minutes.

The Reflexology Massage:

Last but not least, we recommend that you consider getting a reflexology massage if you are looking to ease stress and tension and feel more relaxed. Unlike the Hong Kong Massage and Hot Stone Massage, this technique applies almost exclusively to your feet. In this kind of massage, the therapist will apply pressure directly to very specific reflex joints in each foot to reduce stress. The science behind this that each point corresponds with a body organ or area of the body that tends to carry a lot of tension, negative energy, or sickness. You can expect to feel a variety of massage movement techniques used during a reflexology appointment, as your therapist will be manipulating your foot tissues to improve circulation. This will all lead to the promotion of healing, balanced energy, and achievement of a more relaxed state of being.


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