The Preparation Guide For Halloween Contact Lenses

What is the fun at Halloween without the amazing Halloween contact lenses to add life to your spooky Halloween Costume? Halloween is filled with excitement and craziness. It is the time of the year where we can go wild and freaky and have the time of our lives. From trick or treating to getting dressed up as your favorite horror character. The fun is never-ending.

Now when the time comes for Halloween most fellows purchase Halloween contact lenses, but fail to prepare them properly for Halloween. Oh, you didn’t know? But you should, as you need to properly prepare your Halloween contact lenses before you go out.

Don’t get worried so quickly, honestly preparing may sound like some chore, but it will only take a few minutes. If you do not know how to prepare them properly, just read this article here. We will tell you everything you need to do to prepare your Halloween contact lenses so you can enjoy your Halloween party as wildly as possible.

Just follow the tips we are going to tell you and you will be all good to go for Halloween.

Important tips to prepare your Halloween Contact Lenses

1. The Preparation starts since the Halloween eye contacts are ordered

When you decide to use Halloween contact lenses for Halloween you have probably decided on the Halloween costume you are going to use. In that case, it is wise to buy the special Halloween lenses as early as possible, so if there are any changes you may require before the 31st of October you can get it replaced in time.

The first important thing is that you should check that the contact lenses you ordered online have everything you wanted. Check thoroughly, make sure the packaging is not damaged from anywhere. Then check if all the accessories that come alongside the lenses are there. The solution and the special makeup kit for contact lenses, if you ordered that. Also, check if the contact lenses are the same ones you ordered, the type and colour.

Then you must read the instructions on the packaging so that you know how you must open the package and what is the method of using the contact lenses.

If your contact lenses packaging is damaged or the seal is broken from anywhere, ask your online store to replace the product immediately.

That is why it is a wise decision to purchase lenses way before Halloween so if you want to change the item, you would have time on your side.

2. Clean the Halloween Contact Lenses Properly with the disinfectant solution before using them.

The Halloween contact lenses are sealed inside a vial with a  saline solution. Now that saline solution may or may not cause irritation in the eyes. The effects may vary from person to person. That is why it is necessary that you first clean your contact lenses with the disinfectant solution properly before wearing them.

The cleaning with a solution would mean that you immerse the contact lenses in the solution for a few hours and then use them. This would remove all the remains of the saline solution on the lenses.

So Why Only Disinfectant Solution?

The disinfectant solution is made especially for the contact lenses. It is the only option you have to clean the contact lenses. The solution is made such that it will not harm the material on the contact lenses and effectively clean it of any impurities.

Cleaning the contact lenses with water, homemade solution and saliva is a very dangerous practice. Water contains micro-organisms that may thrive on the lens and then enter your eyes. You don’t know what chemicals are there in homemade solution and saliva already has too many bacteria in it. These options are not safe.

Any safety tips to use Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween contact lenses are the major part of any Halloween costume. Your Halloween will never be complete without Halloween contact lenses. But if you are going to use the special Halloween contact lenses then you must use them very carefully and take into consideration all the safety guidelines that comes with it

Make sure your Halloween contact lenses are only touched with clean and dry hands. Wash them with soap and dry them with a lint free cloth.

Also, remember that your Halloween contact lenses must not be shared with anyone. Whether they are your family members or the closest friends. You want to show off your lenses? Then it should be done only by you, wear them and show them off. Sharing would mean dangerous consequences for eye health.

Lastly, never sleep without taking your Halloween contact lenses off. This is dangerous for eye health.

Have a crazy Halloween with Halloween contact lenses. Prepare yourself and your Halloween lenses to have a blast this Halloween.


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