The Top 25 Best Holiday Destinations in the World

Relax, Unwind! Get in a flip flop state of mind! It is the time of year where you need to step out of your work and relax a bit. No matter where you are or to which state you belong to there will always be a satisfactory place for you, to where you can go and relax. CALL IT HOLIYAY INSTEAD OF HOLIDAY! Here, are the top 25 Best Holiday Destinations in the world to travel. Keep track!

  1. Marrakech:

It is a city of Morocco, well, the morocco is itself a beautiful place to go and why not its city to be in the list of best holiday destinations? Avoid visiting the city in warmer/hot months as the temperature gets unbearable at times. Apart from all this, the city has a lot of mesmerizing places to go which includes souks, mosques, gardens, etc.

  • Istanbul:

The capital of Turkey. And the city has all the capabilities to be called capital. The place has a lot of wonderful things to do also the city is famous for its mysterious history.

  • Hanoi:

The city, Hanoi is situated in Vietnam. It is the capital city of Vietnam also the second-largest city in the country. The city has an influence of Southeast Asian, Chinese, and French. You will see a great influence on culture there, which is the most exciting thing about the city.

  • Siem Reap:

It is situated in Cambodia. The city is the gateway to the ruins of Angkor Wat, which is certainly a must-visit thing to see. Siem Reap has been a great attraction to the tourists, it has attracted many tourists and there would be no harm in listing Siem Reap in best holiday destinations.

  • Prague:

The capital of the Czech Republic and the most favorite destination of tourists the ‘Prague’. Some years ago the city was not recognized by anyone and now it is in the top travel destinations due to the efforts of the Czech Republic, the city got so much popularity.

  • London:

Who is not aware of London? Or who does not want to go to London? I am sure all of us want to, the city is in the United Kingdom and one of the most visited cities.

  • Buenos Aires:

The capital of Argentina has influenced a lot with Spanish culture and they have adopted a lot of their culture and a must-visit place.

  • Paris:

You must not be shocked to see Paris in the“top travel destinations” blog. Paris is the capital of France and certainly the most favorite destination for travelers.

  • Rome:

The beautiful, exotic, and astonishing city of Italy has to be on the list of best holiday destinations and there must not be any doubt because the city worth it. This exotic city has all the possible destinations and views to go to.

  1. Cape Town:

The world’s prettiest city Cape Town is the capital of South Africa. The city is an iconic mixture of culture, beauty, local life, and a lot more. It has all such things that may make you fall in love with the city.

  1. New York:

Surely the busiest city in the world yet beautiful. The city has many spots to take pictures and memorize the event.

  1. Barcelona:

The sporty city of Spain, and the most favorite city of soccer lovers. Apart from sport, the city has a great taste in food and an eye-catchy architecture, which you must not want to miss.

  1. Goreme:

Another hit of Turkey, well, Goreme is not known much yet it the city is pretty famous for its adventurous hot air balloon ride.

  1. Ubud:

It is the charm of Bali and a city in Indonesia. It is one of the most loved cities when it comes to traveling and the most charms are exotic foods, colorful sunsets, and a lot more.

  1. Cusco:

The city is situated in Peru. The city is highly popular for taking photographs and a lot more. It is in the top best holiday destinations which none could deny.

  1. St. Petersburg:

The former capital of the Russian Federation is a major visit goal and it gives a perfect vacay vibe. The place has its unique charm and distinctive culture to see.

  1. Bangkok:

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the city has its charismatic charm that cannot be denied. It is an attraction to many tourists.

  1. Zermatt:

The city in Switzerland, the country is the best itself so the city has to be in the best holiday destinations without any single doubt.

  1. Athens:

A city in Greece. The city might not be so magnificent and charming for a week or more but the city surely has an exotic and defining history to see for two days at least.

  • Budapest:

 Budapest, the city of Hungary is certainly an underrated city but if one would visit this beauty could not stop loving it.

  • Kathmandu:

The city of Nepal had recently been attacked by a devastating earthquake, which destroyed almost 80% of the city but still, the city manages to list down in top best holiday destinations.

  • Queenstown:

New Zealand has a beauty called Queenstown that has to be in the best top travel destinations and it is because of its amazing nightlife and exotic views.

  • Hong Kong:

The beautiful city of China is also on the list. Your craving for Hong Kong would never fade away!

  • Dubai:

How come it is possible that Dubai would not be on the list of top best holiday destinations? It is a wonderful city to spend your vacays.

  • Sydney:

Sydney, Australia is a dream destination for the tourists! The city has an iconic opera house and a harbor bridge to see.


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