The World of Ghostwriting and Everything You Need to Know As a Client

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an exceptional ghostwriter? There are so many aspects in today’s day and age that require the expertise of a professional ghostwriter. Being a ghostwriter is just as tactful as being a client in need of one. There are cases when most of us who are in need of one, have no dire knowledge on how to hire one that is capable enough. There is always this fear of handing your project over to the hands of another and letting them turn the wheels.

You need to establish one thing, that if you need to hire a ghostwriter for any purpose, you have to focus on choosing the right one without this constant voice in your head, telling you that it isn’t the right man/woman for the job. A ghostwriter, on the other hand, should not choose this particular career part solely for the money, but rather on building connections and business through your adaptive writing skills. For all those who are looking to choose the perfect ghostwriter for your job, just like I did, this piece is for you.

A message from every client to a ghostwriter

Let us start off with this quote, “could you cut off your own arm in order to save your life?” by Sampson Parker, a man who lived the rest of his life through this quote. He indeed had to cut own his own arm when entrapped in a flaming piece of farm equipment. This was Sampson’s spark to write a book on his story and for that, he chose a ghostwriter for the job. He conducted many interviews and asked each writer the same question, of cutting off their arm, to which most of them said they hoped they never had to. Only one man got the job and it wasn’t through his answer but rather through his character and reputation as a powerful ghostwriter.

The story has nothing to do with the job as most ghostwriters including myself, may have assumed. But it lies in the fact, that if you want to be a ghostwriter, you need to be able to develop or possess these qualities:

  • Your client needs to be able to trust you, which is evident through your character and words
  • Flexibility plays a huge role. When someone offers you a job that you need, you take it.
  • Your experience plays a big part. You can’t be an impactful writer overnight and suddenly wake up the next day asking for the Queen to knight you as one of the best.
  • Talent in writing through the thoughts and words of your client. Your readers need to find it authentic and unique.
  • A contract solves all communication problems. Never underdo or overdo anything that has already been sorted out.
  • Every client to be able to trust you needs you to keep things strictly confidential.

What it takes for every client to know they’ve chosen the right ghostwriter

As a ghostwriter, you need to be able to fit perfectly into all the projects that are handed to you. Your voice should be linked with the voice of the client. There are times when a client wants you to write exactly how they sound, but that doesn’t mean you write every bit of um’s and ugh’s the client breathes out. We have to be practical but very observant to the kind of tone every client expects from you.

There are so many questions every client has for the ghostwriter they hire but most of them have this constant fear of not picking the perfect writer from the lot. Some ask questions like, “are there book ghostwriting services near me?” when they should be looking for the best services regardless of the location. For every client out there reading this, you have to understand that choosing a writer for your story, carrying your voice, putting down your legacy, is no walk in the park. One of the main reasons you hold back on assigning any ghostwriter the job is the constant fear of not having chosen “the one”. To choose one to write for you, you have to be woke enough to know who an impactful ghostwriter is.

Choose one based on his or her experience through the work of other clients. Do your research and find out if the writer has acted up; not delivering anything on time, or left the work halfway through and bailed. A writer that has written multiple segments and books in the past is the right one for you. But not all good writers depend on the kind of experience they have. Check with other clients who’ve hired them, and see how they felt about them and their character along with the experience.

Lastly the writer for you needs to be able to write according to the feel of the story or segment. If it’s needed for business purposes, maybe the tone can be a little more solemn instead of chirpy, but again it varies according to what you need from your writer depending on the image you’re trying to set.

To conclude

It is okay to take your time when handing out your project into the hands of someone else, especially if you’re not certain about who the writer is. But remember, if you need this done, you have to be able to let go and trust at least one writer who you have a strong gut feeling about.


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