Things You Must Know and Do Before Buying Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are certainly amazing for anyone who wishes to use them for fashion purposes. Also, with the advancements in technology coloured contact lenses now can be used for vision correction.

There are so many possibilities with these special coloured lenses. They are widely used for lifestyle purposes and for special events and festivals like Halloween.

But if you are planning on switching from glasses or regular contact lenses or just planning on to use them, then you must follow these steps.

Get yourself a prescription before you buy coloured contact lenses

No matter the reason you are buying coloured contact lenses, you should know these are medical devices. So, you must be more careful with them. You first need to get yourself a prescription from your eye doctor explaining the type of contact lenses that you need and what you can wear.

This is important as you may not be able to wear a certain contact lenses due to certain conditions. Your doctor will clear everything for you.

People with astigmatism can also wear coloured contacts

This is not true, people with astigmatism can wear coloured contact lenses. You just need clearance from your doctor and you can wear them as much as you want.

You need to care for your coloured contact lenses properly.

Coloured contact lenses may be used for cosmetic purposes but they require the same care as any other lenses. You are going to put them on your eyes so make sure they are properly stored in a safe place. Also, after using them store them in a safe place. Do not let any foreign particle stick onto the lenses. Handle them with proper care

Keep your coloured contact lens case in top condition.

Your coloured contact lenses Halloween are very important for your coloured lenses. Of course, the place you are going to store them in must be clean and undamaged. This will ensure complete protection for your contact lenses.

Never fill the lens case with water or even wash it with water. Only wash it with the solution and fill it with the same solution. Also, do not top up the case, throw away the used solution and then refill it with a fresh one. Keep your lens case in a cool dry and protected place so it doesn’t get damaged.

Washing coloured lenses with water is a BIG NO.

Water is not a cleaning agent for your coloured contact lenses. You cannot hope to clean your lenses with water and wear them without any consequences. Water contains micro-organisms that can stick on the contact lenses and then get in your eyes. You cannot afford that. This will cause irritation in your eyes and may also cause eye infections. Also, do not use any homemade solutions.

Do not sleep in while wearing your coloured contact lenses.

You cannot sleep while wearing your coloured contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses while sleeping can leave your eyes dry and cause abrasion. Unless you have extended contact lenses, you must not sleep with them.

But, if by mistake you forget to take them off and sleep away, then do not panic. Get up, take the eye drops and re-wet your eyes and then take them off. Then you must consult your doctor.

Never share your Coloured contact lenses

The sharing of coloured contact lenses is very dangerous. You can transmit dangerous eye diseases by sharing your contact lenses with others. Think of your coloured contact lenses as your own toothbrush, you do not share them with anyone. It doesn’t matter if they are your family members or the closest of friends. You must not share it in any case.

If you can’t get your contacts out, stay calm. Sometimes it happens with newbies that they cannot get their contact lenses out of their eye. That is pure because of a lack of practice. You can re-wet your contact lenses with eye drops and then try again. If you still cannot get them off, then do not try too hard, you might hurt your eyes. Take a trip to your doctor and the doctor will take it out.


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