Tik Tok is Back with Some Safety Measures to Follow as per Court Order

Tik Tok is an application which was launched in 2016 in China and a year later i.e. 2017 in India and overseas. In 2018 it gained major popularity and had become one of the most downloaded and installed application. Tik Tok but is an application which is used to make short music videos of an average of 3 – 15 seconds and short looping videos of 5 – 60 seconds. It is basically a platform for creating short videos. It also acted as an opportunity for aspiring actors to showcase their talent. But since the application was majorly misused it was supposed to be getting banned as a reply to the public demand it came back to the market but not without some measures taken and rules to be by default followed.

Tik Tok was banned which had triggered worries for the tech industry. But there were genuine issues dealing with the content of it. Though there were a lot of advantages that the app provided the users with, there was some who had utterly made its features useless. Tik Tok was blamed by the Tamil Nadu for being the reason for degenerating culture and he had appealed for the court to look into the matter as fast as possible, which Supreme Court had promised to look into. The Madras Court had already imposed a ban on this Chinese app. Though it was an app that shouldn’t be used under the age of twelve years of old, this was not always abided by. It contained some content which promoted nearly pornography as the Madras Court had said. Much of the content was made on popular songs with apparently inappropriate body movements. There were other incidents too that had forced the higher authority to initiate and take such a step.

Recently Mohammad Salman had lost his life to his friend Suhail Malik, for the later was posing with a pistol for a Tik Tok video. Suhail had accidentally shot his nineteen-year-old friend in Delhi. A boy became a victim of a massive accident when his scooter crashed into a bus; there were three of them in the bike, though the other two escaped the fate one couldn’t. Last year two political groups were engaged in a fight over the videos they had made on Tik Tok, and among this eight persons were also injured. In Punjab a man came under a tractor; afterwards, it was known that he was in the making of a Tik Tok video. Apparently, he was to climb in a moving tractor but his foot slipped and was subjected to a moving tractor. A man in Chennai had mistakenly slit his throat while he was filming for a Tik Tok video. He tried in vain to check his profuse bleeding, which was also captured in the video as he tried to end the video at the same time. Moreover, since it is a public platform women and girls have become sexual predators. In this age of technology editing is no big deal at all. Experts take minutes to edit videos and images. And housewives and others are thus becoming victims of such pathetic editing.

However, Madras High Court has lifted the banned on Tik Tok. The app has reappeared in Google and Apple app stores. Tik Tok now has imposed heavy security procedures for the free usual of the app and for digital well-being. The new features help compliant against any misuse of the app. They have installed a public friendly reporting mechanism which allows law enforcement and others to complain if anything inappropriate is witnessed or if the terms of use and Comprehensive Community guidelines have been violated. Tik Tok for tightening the app more has further gone to appoint a Chief Nodal Officer. This will thus help in better coordination with law enforcement institutions. This is based out of India. Other features added are device management so that the account holder can stop his or her login device from being hacked by anyone. It also has revamped notification control and notification tab for the users to live a better and easy digital life. The app was brought back on the request of the public. Many celebrities had also come to support. Though, many were glad at the decision of the court due to the growing nuisance in the content of the app. Its ban became a disadvantage for those who were serious with their passion for acting or so forth. Hence a mutual decision was taken to bring it back but not before it was laden with some measures so that one’s dignity is compromised.


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