Top 5 Fantastic Designer Cakes Ideas to Excite Your Friends

There is a lot of relationships on this earth, but the relation with friends is very important. Friends add excitement to your lives. Having friends means you have a better support system that helps in every situation, whether good or bad. Their presence makes you happy and pleasant, and it also seems that everything is going on the right track. You share your all secrets and want to spend more and more time with them. They give you countless memories, and every moment with them is like a celebration. So, it is your responsibility to make their special days like Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, etc. more unique and memorable. You can add more pleasure to their celebration with the yummy and delicious dessert called cake. This dessert comes in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. Chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, blueberry, etc. are some flavors of cake that must delight your friend. If you have such a friend whose occasion you want to make more special and memorable, then in this article, we share some of the fantastic designer cakes ideas that will help you a lot. There is also a variety of cakes in Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, etc. available in online and offline modes. So, you can choose a cake according to your friend’s desire and delight them.

Some of the fantastic and amazing designer cakes ideas to excite your friends are:

PUBG Theme Cake

Everyone has a PUBG lover friend that is so crazy about this game. They even leave their essential work for this game and also used to play this while sleeping. So, delight your PUBG lover friend with this theme cake on their occasions. They will appreciate this idea. With this, you can give them everlasting memories of their life and also make them feel that you care for them. If the Birthday of your PUBG lover friend is coming, who is living in Hyderabad, then you can order cake online in Mumbai and deliver to the doorstep of their house. They will jump with joy on receiving the cake from your side.

Starbucks Coffee Cake

If you have a friend who always talks and shows off about their Starbucks coffee, then you can give them a Starbucks coffee flavor cake on a special occasion. You can also design a Starbucks coffee pick on this cake. This rich fondant texture gives a delightful taste that pleases your taste buds at the party. You can decorate this cake with cake toppers. Not only this cake looks gorgeous, but it also tempts people to eat more and more. You can also send cake to the doorstep of your friend’s house using the online cake delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, etc. of various gift portals. This practice also brings a broad smile on the face of the receiver.

Makeup Bag Fondant Cake

This cake is perfect for the fashionista friend in your gang. You can decorate this cake with the edible nail paint, lipstick, kajal, mascara, eye shadow, foundations, and other makeup items. When you send this makeup bag fondant cake to your fashionista friend, then it brightens up their mood in a few seconds and also brings a smile on their face that is priceless to you. In this way, you can make their celebration memorable and also help them to enjoy the occasion with their desirable things.

Maggi Fondant Cake

Everyone loves Maggi and savored it with great joy. It is a quick dish that is made in 2 minutes and has a delightful taste that pleases everyone. It is the best friend of those people who is living away from home. Sometimes, when you are confused about what to cook, then at this time, Maggi plays an important role. It is also helpful for those people who do not know how to cook. So, you can dedicate this Maggi fondant cake to your loving friend who wants to eat it any time and with everything.

Red Ferrari Car Shaped Cake

You can surprise your sports car obsessed friend with this red hot Ferrari car-shaped cake on their Birthday. With this cake, you can make them feel that they are essential in your life, and you also care about them. On receiving the cake from your side on this auspicious day, their heart will fill with joy, and it also adds wow factor in their celebration. 

Above listed, the fantastic designer cake ideas would surely win the heart of your friend. You can opt for one of these and delight your lovable friend. 


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