Top 5 TV Series

The most top 5 TV series you can watch on your Spectrum Cable TV are as follows:

  1. Game of Thrones(HBO)
    Game of throne season 8 has proved to be the most controversial show in the history of the show, but the fifth episode entitled “Bells” emphasizes that many of the fission factors are not due to what happens on the show. On the contrary, the past sin defines the adaptation of a series of current stories that all had errors many years ago.

For Game of Thrones, the result is always a big challenge. Presenters David Benioff and DB Weiss have set a predefined endpoint for the story from the beginning. However, since the data book is incomplete, only vague terms can be used. To describe. And it is clear that the show will go beyond George R. R. Martin and the authorship was also handed over. But the nature of Game of Throne makes the conclusion even more difficult. Ned Stark died in the first season. Two years later, the death of Red Wedding made it one of the most unpredictable and unrestricted stories on television. With decades of theoretical evolution, history begins to change. To reveal something more conventional, expectations and reality become incompatible.

The game of throne has returned to the long-awaited eighth season. After a lively retelling, the premiere of this season’s “Winterfell” presents a new series of opening numbers that are different from the title seasons of previous seasons. In the title area, an angle camera hangs around the map of the fictitious country of Westeros, with which the places that could be important for the episode or the season, change regularly. But in the eighth season introduction, action began outside the northernmost Westeros, setting the audience on the path of the White Undead March that threatened Westeros.

  1. The Passage (Fox)

Fox’s Vampire Drama the Passage is based on the eponymous novel by Justin Cronin and is the first part of the trilogy. The series followed 10-year-old Sanyyya Sidney, whose mother had died from an overdose of drugs, and then fled under the persecution of FBI agent Brad Wolgast. Mark-Paul Gosselaar). Wolgtst’s mission is to bring Amy to a hidden medical facility for a group of scientists to test in the Noah project, which aims to eliminate all diseases by strengthening the human immune system. A little more than half of the success. Alert patients/criminals are immune to Ebola, AIDS and all other diseases in the sun – in addition to this treatment they turn into bloodsucking water sacs, called viruses. After Vogt had agreed to bring the little girl into the facility, he changed his mind and decided that experimenting with the child might not be a particularly ethical affair. The two immediately made a strong bond and he could never treat his new companion in ways that hurt others. But things did not go as planned.

  1. A Discovery of Witches (Sundance Now)

AMC Networks will be the main platform for “The Discovery of the Witch” following a breakthrough in the streaming services Sundance Now and Shudder. The first season of the series, featuring Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer, will air linearly on AMC and BBC America at 9:00 pm. You can watch on Spectrum Cable TV.

AMC Networks’ OTT platform, Sundance Now and Shudder, acquired Sky’s “Witch’s Discovery” last summer and planned to track it on SundanceTV. Due to the digital success and compatibility of the series with BBC America’s Killing Eve, it has recently decided to show linear broadcasts as a companion to Killing Eve at the high profile BBC America. With AMC Networks announcing that the second season will be simultaneously broadcast on AMC on the eve of the murder, “The Discovery of the Witch” will also air on both channels to attract more attention.

  1. Younger (TV Land)

TV Land gracefully renewed the “Younger” six seasons, making it the “longest-running original series” on the network. Keith Cox, president of Paramount’s network and TV real estate development and production, said, Newer is reaching new heights and building an incredibly loyal following. Considering that the show needs to solve a bigger problem – Charles / Lisa / Josh’s Love Triangle, this is a good thing. Suppose we left everything in Season 5, which may be stupid because Liza seemed to have chosen Charles. But this season, Lisa wrote a letter to Josh telling her that she could no longer be friends with him.

  1. Killing Eve (BBC America)

The Killing Eve Season 2 is amazing, you watch all the episodes on BBC America through your Spectrum Cable TV. The second season began in the second after the finale of the first season. Sandra Oh was not sure if Villarne (Jodie Comer) was still alive, but continued to search for her.


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