Top Food Items You Have to Eat on Agra Trip

We all are aware of Agra. It is located in Uttar Pradesh and it is known special because of the Taj Mahal. All of us is the closest to love. The Taj Mahal is the epitome of love even after death. It is also an architectural Wonder and therefore counted among the Ancient wonders of the world. Here we are going to talk about the top food items available in Agra that you must try on same day Agra tour by car or train.

Agra ka Petha

Nobody can ignore and nobody can resist Agra ka Petha on Visiting Agra. There are two types of Petha. One is dry and the other one is a little moister. The dry Petha is larger than the most one. It is hard and the most one is soft. The soft Petha is also dipped in saffron and the colour of saffron is dominant. The dry Petha is light green in colour but it is equally popular. The older Petha is the drive one and the most one is the latest innovation. It is made up of pumpkin and it is a challenge for the people those who dislike pumpkin. Pumpkin is used as a vegetable and nobody can imagine The Suite form of pumpkin in the name of Petha. The vegetable of pumpkin may not be delicious but the sweet dish made up of pumpkin is very delicious.


Bhalla is also called as Aloo Tikki in the capital of India and most other places of India. It is a dish of seared and pureed potatoes blended in with different Indian flavors, chickpea curry and is served piping hot with chutneys. It is moulded in the shape of straightened balls. Agra’s sights are amazing at night with the sun shining off the Taj. A delicious plate of Bhalla along with this view is a sight to pay scads of money for. It is highly loved among the local people and is considered as popular roadside nourishment in Agra.


Dalmoth is a toothsome blend of lentils, nuts, flavors, and oil. It is a customary Namkeen firm, zesty, and somewhat oily. The best quality of Dalmoth can be found in Panchi, Baluganj, and Petha. Its taste is the best with some tea when you wish to kill your time with something crunchy. This namkeen is bundled in packs and boxes, this conventional namkeen will overpower your taste buds with its hot flavor.


Shawarma in pretty much available in almost every city now, yet Agra has its best form to offer. Given to you with green and white mint sauces this chicken filled roll is also available with vegetables. It would be sure that it can cause you to long for more of it. The thick layer of mayonnaise would undoubtedly take out the child inside you and make you lick each and every drop of it off your fingers. Eating Shawarma in Agra is an encounter worth recalling.


Most of the desserts in India are served cold however imagine a scenario where you are offered a pastry which is fresh and hot. You will never forget its taste. This winding treat is served best when hot and makes your mouth water when you whittle down this famous roadside nourishment in the city. You will get the best and most awesome Jalebis in Agra at many places in Agra. It is an extremely sweet dish and henceforth is a most loved among individuals with a sweet tooth. Don’t miss these items on your same day Agra tour by train or car.


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