Types Of Indian Wedding Cards

Wedding invitation cards are among the old traditional ways to invite relatives and friends for your big day. They experss a lot about your style and taste. These days people tend to choose the wedding cards that reflect the personalities and traits of both the bride and groom. As the Indian wedding market has flourished a lot, the invitation card market has also expanded and provided a variety of cards.


Types of wedding cards to choose from:
1.   Simple yet elegant:
Simple things are also the most elegant ones. If you are among those people who don’t want to spend a lot on just an invitation card that will eventually be a part of garbage for most of the people, you should definitely go for this kind of invitation cards.
Budget- 20Rs/card (you might find cheaper ranges as well)

2.   Contemporary wedding cards
These are little expensive ones but also the most beautiful ones. They can never go out of fashion and are made for big fat Indian weddings. As in India, people tend to spend a lot on their dream weddings they don’t want to lack behind in terms of their invitations and hence mostly prefers contemporary wedding cards.
Budget- 110RS/card (approx)

3.   Customized invitations
Customization is in trend whether it is about customized t-shirt or gifts. Wedding is one of the most rememberable days in our lives and hence we want to make everything special, what better than a customized wedding card to invite your close ones. You can look up on the internet for the inspiration and add up your creativity to make it best according to your personality.
You can add up many fun elements to it and give life to a boring invitation card.
You can also add two types of cards such as contemporary and customized and play around.
Budget-There is no fixed budget for this one as it completely depends upon you.

4.   Pocket wedding invitations
The invitation cards that can fit into your pocket or are the size of your pocket are called pocket invitation cards. These were also in trend as it does not require much space but this doesn’t mean that you can’t add style to it. They come in a wide variety of styles and patterns. It has only the important information that is necessary and compulsory for a wedding invitation card.
You can also customize pocket wedding invitations. They look so cute plus you can save a lot of paper and money and nobody will ever know how much you have saved.
Budget- 90RS/card and you can take it as high as you like.

5.   Laser cut wedding invitations
Have you seen those beautiful cuts in the cards or the designs made by laser cuts in the paper that invitation cards are called laser cut wedding cards.
Budget- 100RS/card (approx)

All the budgets given above are an approximation, you might be able to find a completely different budget according to your choices.

Nobody can tell you the exact because it depends on the kind of styles that you have chosen but still it the common approximation.

Source : https://theweddingcardsonline.svbtle.com/types-of-indian-wedding-cards

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