What Are Different Kinds of Tyres

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What Are Different Kinds of Tyres

We all know that no doctor can beat a specialized surgeon in his work. As it is a matter of life and death, we as a customer will only put our faith in expert hands. If we are so considerate towards us, then why do we refrain from investing in the correct tyres for our vehicles. Any departure from optimum handling on the road can result in a catastrophe. Therefore, tires are one of the essential components of our cars. Just like a specialized surgeon, tires come in different dedicated types as well.

Whether it is different weather or terrain conditions, modern techs have made it possible to suffice every need perfectly.

If you are wondering what are the kinds of tires that you should know about, let us offer you the following types:

  1.  Summer tyres: Made to perform on dry roads, summer tyres are manufactured with a hard rubber compound. The compounds used in summer tyres help it to withstand extremely high temperatures. These tyres have a shallower tread pattern. The shallower treads grip the dry road excellently; hence, offer unmatched cornering and steering abilities. Another important feature of their tread design is the use of symmetric tread that tracks the road in the best ways possible.
  1.  Winter tyres: As opposed to summer tyres, winter tyres Uxbridge are made from a softer rubber compound. The rubber is intentionally made soft to grip the wet road significantly. These tyres come with deeper grooves on their tread, that brilliantly displaces the water present on the road. Further, the increase in the number of side grooves known as sipes on these tyres increases its snow biting abilities. These tyres come with uniform tread design which is responsible for tracking of the path created by the vehicles in front.
  2.  All-Season tyres: A hybrid of summer and winter tyres, all-season tyres are capable of surviving moderate summers and winters. The tyres are made with divided tread, one side providing the excellent performance of summer tyres, while the other one offers brilliant traction on snow and rain-laden roads. But if you want two qualities in one tyre, you will have to compromise a little too. When compared to summer and winter tyres individually, all-season tyres can never come near to them.
  1.  All-terrain tyres: Just like all season tyres Uxbridge, these tyres are capable of providing for the driving needs of any terrain. When you drive your vehicle through harsh terrain as well as a paved highway, you would surely want to install your SUV with all-terrain tyres. These tyres have an aggressive block tread design that holds a mountainous road in the best ways possible. The tyres can run all season, and therefore are a boon to your SUV.


If you are looking for a place to buy outstanding Winter Tyres Uxbridge, just drive your vehicle to us. We, at M&C tyres, store a large variety of tyres, so make sure that you check it out. To know more, call one of our experts here at our garage.

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