What Are The Different Types Of Kraft Product Boxes?

The Kraft product boxes are made up of thick paper. They are very light in weight but durable at the same time. They look elegant and aesthetic at the same time. You can get these boxes in any shape or size. Also, it is very easy to get these boxes print. The companies use the latest technologies to make them look different. Otherwise, the original colour of the Kraft boxes is brown. Also, the material used for these boxes is recyclable. There is nothing that goes to waste or causes pollution.

There are many types of wholesale Kraft boxes. You can choose the one more suitable for your product packaging.

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Customize Kraft boxes cartons

These boxes are the most common type. They are used almost everywhere. The companies design these Kraft cartons according to their product needs. The packaging company allows you to choose any design, shape, and size. Mostly the cartons are used to pack a lot of items in one box. These Kraft carton boxes are mostly used to ship multiple items at a time. Also, if you need a lot of boxes, buy Kraft boxes in bulk. The companies offer many different packages according to your budget. No matter what package you choose the quality will remain the same without a doubt.

Kraft hanger boxes

The other type of box that is mostly used to pack small items is Kraft hanger boxes. they also didn’t occupy any space on the floor. You can easily hang them on the wall. The most common example for a better understanding of these boxes is mobile cover boxes. When we buy a cover from a mobile shop, we see a small hanger shape space on the top of the box. They are also widely used in the packing of jewellery. The product is visible from these boxes.

Kraft gable boxes

It is a very unique type of Kraft boxes. The boxes are very durable and save the product from damage. The unique thing about these boxes is that they also have a proper handle to carry these boxes. you need to use tapes to close many boxes after opening them for once. In Kraft gable boxes there is no need to use tape. They are made in a way that they have a lock and unlock system. Without a doubt, these boxes look very nice and a good choice to use them for your product marketing.

Petals Kraft boxes

It is the type of box that many people didn’t know. The box looks like a flower petals shape. It feels like a lot of petals are set in a perfect pattern to make this box. These boxes are perfect to pack small gifts like jewellery. You can also store different small food items like chocolates and things like that. in between many different boxes this box is visible from distance. Due to its unique shape. You can get these boxes in any colour.

Kraft pillow boxes

By the name, many people think that these boxes are specifically used for the packing of pillows. But it is not like that. The boxes are the shape of pillows that is why they get a name pillow boxes. They are mostly used to pack gifts. These boxes look very graceful. You can also get a 3D design on these boxes.

These are the types that every company must know. you can ask from a packaging company for other designs too. They will show you templates that will make it easy for you to decide. It is not compulsory to choose a colour shown in the template. You can get it the Kraft boxes wholesale in multiple colours too. Also, the prices are very reasonable. There is no need to worry if you just started your business.

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