What are the Treatments to Fix the Broken Teeth?

There are so many ways to fix a broken tooth, if you have damaged a small piece of tooth then it can be fixed by filing, but if the damage can be seen when you smile then dentist may suggest for tooth bonding, which is tooth colored composite resin fixed in your mouth. These treatments can help you enhance your smile and to improve your shape or symmetry.

There are certain causes that your teeth can damage like; injury from accident, grinding the teeth hard, or eating hard food, ice cubes, nuts, etc. Various treatments can help you to recover from damage are:

  1. Veneers

Veneers are the best option to treat the broken tooth as it is thin porcelain that restores the front part of the tooth. Veneers are part of tooth bonding which is used to improve dental defects in mouth. There are certain things that can be fixed like; irregular shape, space between teeth, discoloration of tooth, fractured tooth.

  • Crown

A crown in dental is known as tooth cap which is used to restore the broken teeth to make better appearance of tooth and strengthen the teeth. It can be little painful but with help of anesthesia you wouldn’t feel a thing. After the effect of anesthesia fades off, you may feel soreness in your mouth or gum because the procedure was sensitive.

  • Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the surgical procedure to replace the broken tooth or broken teeth beneath your gum into your jawbone. It is process of positioning metal posts into your gum, and then the tooth is implanted in your mouth. They help to settle the teeth and not to move from its place, which is the support system for the process of tooth replacement. But for dental implants you need to have healthy gum and sufficient bone to support them. It will need a proper care of your implants to make it a long-term, and you must visit your dentists on regular or weekly basis to keep your mouth clean. There are so many benefits from this procedure like; the process is designed to make it feel like your own tooth, over the time it gets permanent by adjusting itself into your gum.

  • Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is the process of removing the infected pulp from your tooth, before further infection reach to your jawbone it is removed from the root. The infectious pulp can cause severe pain in your ear and head, the infection can be happened because of cavity or because of bacterial violation. It is also known by Endodontic Therapy. When procedure has been performed, the tooth is covered by a crown to protect it from any infection. The bacteria can reach the blood vessels and nerves in the root canal of the tooth, and it can cause serious infection in your mouth which can also lead to other body parts disease. So, you need to hurry if there is any kind of swelling in your mouth, and causing you difficulty in lying down or any kind of pain related to your mouth.

  • Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding is the procedure of filling the minimal decays, remove stains from your teeth, lighting the tooth shade, and to reshape your teeth. It is the procedure which can be completed in one sitting; they are resin based tooth colored composite which is used as a dental restorative instrument to perform the procedure on your teeth, and to fill the minor gaps between the teeth.

  • Tooth Bleaching

Tooth bleaching can be your best option, if you want brighter smile or white teeth. Tooth Bleaching is also known as Tooth whitening, although you do not need this procedure in fixing the broken teeth but you might need it to make your teeth look brighter and beautiful which will help to enhance the look, and it takes approximately 30 minutes. If teeth have been taken care properly it will last for several months.

  • Filling

Filings are the process of removing the decay from tooth, and then fixing the broken part of tooth. A dental instrument is used to fix the broken tooth or cracked tooth. They are painless and considered as the safest procedure.

  • Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants are the preventive procedure to protect your teeth from bacterial invasion. Sometimes on the chewing surface there are bites left in the furrow which is hard for toothbrush to reach and clean the area. This procedure is used to close those pits and furrow which can provide shelter to the bacteria. This is mostly used for children to prevent from cavity, and placed as soon as molar or premolar tooth came through. 

  • Inlays and On lays

Inlays and Onlays are suggested when the tooth damage is extensive, that they cannot be fixed by filling or bonding, it helps to prevent from decay and cavity. These are the procedure which is fabricated directly, and will extend the durability of tooth.

. Post and Core Build Up

Post and core build up is the process of building the badly broken tooth and fractured tooth. This is the procedure used after root canal treatment to build the teeth where core works as a base of the tooth and post works as a capacity to for the core to put a crown over the teeth.


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