What Did You Learn Too Late in Life

I believe in evolution. A person learns all of his/her life. I do have many learnings in life, some things got to me early, and most of the things I had learned but late. Traveling is one of the very eminent examples of my outcomes of life. I was not that much brave and confident to travel alone, had so many complexes in this regard but when once we decided to move for having holidays out, it worked.

I remember that was our Morocco city-Holidays. After that very first experience, I got to know that the fears and prejudices were in my mind, there is no real threat around. That thing gave me the confidence to move out and explore the world as I want. But that was the thing I think I learned too late.

Traveling was mine too late Learning – What it taught?

There are various things traveling, that is my too late learning, had taught me in life. I want to share what traveling has taught me and how you can rediscover yourself with the help of traveling.

You Are Never Alone –  Mind It:

Traveling teaches you that you are never alone. I was so introverted at a time when I was in high school. That made my life so dumb, and boring. By traveling, I got the lesson that we are not alone in this world. This world is full of friends and kind people. I have gathered a lot of love from the people living in the places I have visited.

Almost, more than fifty countries I have visited and gathered a lot of experiences, learnings, and love. So, I guess this lies in your brain that you are alone. You are not alone in actuality. Make yourself social and challenge your loneliness.

You Make Friends – Socializing is a Great leaning:

You make a number of friends on your single trip to any of your favorite destination to spend a holiday break. My phone memory is full of the friends I have interacted, talked and accompanied on the travel experiences.

I tried to stay on the hostels, travel on public transport and interact with the locals. I meet already friends if I visit their country. We spend a good time staying, eating and sipping together. My most favorite moment is to sip together coffee or tea sitting in a traditional café, talking about everything including politics, culture, events and personal interests, etc.

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New Things Are there to Discover And Explore:

In my excursions, firstly I was not aware of the things to do in my travel experiences. Then with time, I learned how to discover new places and explore the holiday destination. This was the great learning I believe. To take the real essence of the place by visiting the Museums, and other historical places, beautiful natural places, and cultural things is a real thing to do when you are out for holiday break.

I learned to relax. Earlier I was not having this skill. Now I can lay on my back and relax on the glamorous beach spots. I discovered a way to relax was to take traditional Hammam shower and Spa. Now I can work properly with a great focus and also can relax with full pleasure. Is this normal? For me, yes it is normal. A person should have work and peace balance in his/her life. You should spare time to get to the ideal destinations of your choice. Don’t worry, let’s try if you are a beginner. Take a chance from life to make something different. It would work.

Instant Plans – A great Learning:

How to be prepared for instant plans is great learning of life. I on my various plans traveled with a single suite and some of the very important things to use like mobile charger and handsfree etc. Yes, cash is important to have, otherwise your ATM card.

Actually traveling taught me to be prepared for instant plans. That doesn’t mean to leave the important things at home, but to pack in a short time. You should have all the necessary things to use during your travel experience otherwise you will be upset all the time during your trip. The real learning is to get ready in a short time when you have to move in minutes. I had a lot of such moments in my life.

Taste New Foods:

Tasting new foods are also great learning. In the beginning, I mostly couldn’t digest the traditional foods but now I can digest the traditional spices of the holiday destinations I use to visit on my holiday breaks.

This is the most thrilling aspect of traveling. I seek to try every dish on my traveling experience. I’m foody, are you?


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