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Gold IRA Company

The market has quite a lot of Gold IRA companies, some are good some are bad. In this article we review “American Hartford Gold Group”, so that you may be able to take better decisions based on this review. This is a completely objective review and in order to make it structured and wholesome, we will be using the following set of criteria to analyze the performance of American Hartford Gold Group.

  • Due diligence
  • Customer Service
  • Direct / Indirect communication
  • Specialization
  • Fee and Charges
  • Delivery time
  • Processing time
  • Liquidation time

So let us begin with the review:

Due Diligence

The official website of American Hartford Gold Group mentions that it is accredited with Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trust Pilot has given it a 5 star rating (out of 5 customer reviews) and it is a part of the business consumer alliance. To be certain, we can go directly to the website of these rating agencies and check if this really is true. In this case it turns out it is true. It is registered as “The Hartford Gold Group” and according to BBB it has been in business since the last 4 years, it has A+ ratings and 5 star customer review. Though there are 7 complaints registered against the company and these can be seen by public on the BBB page for the company.

The Trust Pilot page is full with positive customer reviews, however I would take these with a grain of salt as the BBB page has 7 complaints and 5 positive reviews, this however it not means’s that company is not totally trustworthy, complains are a regular part of any business and it is the response of the company in dealing those complains that determines the quality of customer care.

The company is known for their clarity in terms of service. There are gold rate charts on the website and the purpose of these charts is to make the customers aware of daily fluctuations in the price. The prices of products on offer change regularly based on market prices and all charge and fees are disclosed to the customers at the time of purchase or contract.

Customer Service

The company offers gold and silver coins and in addition to this they offer Gold IRA accounts, there is an easily accessible IRA form available on the site than can be completed online and sent to the company and then the representative will call you back to initiate the process of creating your IRA account. The trust pilot reviews suggest that the customer representatives have in depth knowledge about the type of products the company offers and they have the ability to guide the customers effectively.  

In addition to this the website has a popup chat window which customers can use to directly engage with customer representatives. The company also remains in contact with the customers regularly to keep them updated with news new product offerings etc.

Direct – Indirect Communication

The official website of the company lists a landline phone number, this means that the company is not hiding behind a website. This is a good sign because the company is open to direct communication. The reviews on Trust pilot also suggest that there are many representatives willing to guide potential customers who contact the company


The company delivers quality service, industry experts, extensive historical investment data and current market research. American Hartford Gold Group use a three-step process to simplify and set up a Gold IRA. The company employs product specialists and this means that you will be guided at each and every step, especially at the time of making the rollover.  This is one of the hallmarks of top of the line companies because the customers need to be covered and made aware about all the lagal and tax related matters pertaining to their investment. 

American Hartford Gold Group is one of the few companies that offer buy back facility to their customers. The customer need to check at the time of making the purchase if they are eligible for the buyback facility, the criteria for eligibility has not been stated on the website. Nevertheless the company claims to have a fast 3 step liquidation process where they will purchase the metals, arrange for shipment and pay you the receipt.

This is a major point that goes in favor of the American Hartford group, the fact that they are willing t by back their own metals shows that their products are of high quality and in addition to this the customers get the convenience of quickly liquidating their investment at no extra cost or fees .

Fee And Charges

The company does not charge any fees to set up a Gold IRA rollover. Shipping precious metals to the depository is always free and includes insurance and tracking.

There is no specific pricing information on the website but there are product catalogues listing all the IRA eligible products, pricing information will be available on call. However it has been mentioned earlier that they have a transparent pricing policy, so the pricing has to be at the competitive market level.

No specific pricing information has been provided for account maintenance fees on the company website. Gold IRA storage fees are often waived for up to 3 years or longer depending on the size of the Gold IRA account and the number of precious metals being stored. There is no minimum Gold IRA contribution amount. You may find promotions on American Hartford Gold Group website, like $2,500 in free silver and three years with no account maintenance fees.

Delivery Time

Once the order has been placed and the transaction has been cleared, the company takes 3-5 business days to ship out the precious metals and another 3-5 days can be added for the shipment to arrive at the depository. So a total of 10 business days for the precious metals to be shipped out and reach the depository. This is a good time limit and shows that the company does not aim to speculate on the price of metals.

Processing Time

It takes 24 to 48 hours to process the application and set up the gold IRA. This is standard timing making the process fast and convenient for the customers.

Liquidation Time

Liquidation time in terms of days has not been mentioned but the site mentions that the company has a fast 3 step liquidation process where they clear the payment and arrange for shipment of the metals. This means that the liquidation time must be reasonable.  


The American Hartford Gold Group is one of the top tier gold IRA companies and the practices and standards set by the company are seen as the benchmark for the industry. It scores well on all counts and thus should be the choice of people looking to set up their gold IRA.


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