What kind of tires do I need? Discover the ideal type for your truck

When you are looking for truck tires, there are many options within the market. Your decision will be based on the climate of your region, the type of driving you do and other variables. 

If your vehicle is all-wheel drive or a 4 × 4, you will most likely want the 4 tires to be the same type. However, if you own a 4 × 2 vehicle (front or rear-wheel drive), you can vary the size, tread and tire type between the front and rear axles.

Tire Types

Truck tires

These types of tires can not only be used in a truck, but also in SUVs or CUVs. While they offer some heavy-duty or off-road capabilities, Light Truck tyres have improved handling, grip and noise capabilities compared to all-terrain tires or muddy roads.

These tires are very useful for the owners of the aforementioned vehicles since they are resistant for trips on and off the road, and are suitable for all seasons of the year.

“Off-road” tires

This type of all-terrain tires offers supreme performance on rocky, sandy, muddy and gravel terrain. They have deep cuts (grooves) to have the ability to cling to the ground and obtain maximum traction on uneven surfaces. However, “off-road” tires are much louder on the roads and can reflect very poor driving at highway speeds.

Off-road tires are for drivers who frequently have to move in areas without pavement or rocky terrain. They were designed for uneven or unpaved terrain, include improved puncture resistance, and often serve all seasons.

All-terrain tires

Off-road tires offer the best turns and as the name says, they are suitable for off-road. They are quieter and smoother on roads or paved surfaces than “off-road” tires and offer a better driving experience in wet, rocky, muddy or sandy situations than normal truck tires.

If you must drive with the same frequency on paved and unpaved surfaces, then all-terrain tires are for you.

Tires for muddy areas

The tires for muddy areas have wider spaces or blocks and on the tread, offering more space for mud or uneven surfaces to make their way.

This feature allows the release of debris, such as sand, mud or rocks, which ensures that drivers leave the above mentioned on the road and do not stick to the tire tracks.

The tread of tires suitable for all seasons or all terrain may not release lumps of mud or rocks as easily as this type of tire. If these remains are not cleaned or released, traction will decrease on uneven surfaces.

The tires for muddy areas are for drivers who often must drive through uneven and unpaved roads, but do not need rock drag performance.

Winter tires

Similar to car tires, winter truck tires offer better performance in snow or ice conditions than all-terrain tires.

These tires offer you a softer rubber that does not freeze in the cold, has improved traction in the snow and can even come with nails to cross roads with ice.

Winter tires are for drivers who face extreme winter weather, as in some cases in southern Peru. For added comfort, it is recommended that each driver have a set of tires for each type of situation he must face.

Heavy duty tires

If you are the owner of a truck or tipper, then one of your main objectives is to maximize the carrying capacity of your vehicle. For this, heavy duty tires are your best option. These tires offer you supreme durability and longevity, and a good handling capacity on roads or on the construction site.


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