What To Do When Your Weight Loss Has Plateaued?

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What is a Weight Loss Plateau?

Weight Loss Plateau is a situation when someone is working really hard to meet his/her weight-loss goal, and suddenly a time comes when the needle on the scale refuses to budge. This roadblock of weight-loss often occurs just after the initial weight loss, and again when he/she can’t seem to lose those last few pounds. According to our Best Personal Trainer Gurgaon, this happens when a person no longer adheres to his diet plan and hence suffer from hitting a weight loss plateau.

This inability to lose weight can be frustrating and discouraging. However, several strategies may help you begin to lose weight again. For the same purpose, we are here. We have special tips for you to break a weight loss plateau. But, before that there are a few more things you should know, we should discuss them first. Read below to know more. 

When does Weight Loss Plateau Happen?

Every one of us who tries to lose weight eventually gets stuck at a weight-loss plateau state at some point in time. Even so, most people get surprised when it happens to them and wonder why did this happen to them because they were eating carefully and exercising regularly. Well, you may not know but the weight-loss plateau is an integrated part of the weight-loss procedure itself. They’re perfectly normal! 

In other words, a weight loss plateau is a phase when you stop getting results even after doing diet and workout. Most commonly, this dreadful situation happens when your body adapts a particular routine and schedule and refuges to accept new changes over it. In such situations, how enormously harder you may work to lose weight, but your weight won’t budge even a bit. Though initially, it might tends to come off fairly rapidly at first but at this point, it won’t alter.

Moreover, when the calories you burn gets equal to the calories you eat, you reach a stage of the plateau. Now, to lose more weight, you need to either increase your physical activity or decrease the calories you eat. 

How long does a Weight Loss Plateau Last?

Weight Loss Plateau is body status when your body start to defeat weight loss. Indeed, the situation of weight loss plateau is gloomy, but you still need to stay motivated and should not lose the hope. We understand, at this time staying motivated is the most difficult part but there’s always a ray of hope. 

To overcome this stressful phase of weight loss plateau, you need to essentially adapt your balanced diet or fitness routine and stick to it to continue to lose weight. This will bring positive results at the soonest. 

How Many Weeks is considered a Weight Loss Plateau?

Though, it is often very difficult to keep pushing yourself toward your goal when the results are not even visible. But, it is important to believe in yourself. You will surely get to see the rays of bright light shining through dark clouds after 2 weeks or more, but, only if you do not give up the new healthy habits you have achieved. 

In other words, a weight loss plateau can last from 2 weeks to several months but sticking to healthy weight loss habits can push past a plateau at the earliest.

Lastly, if you are not seeing any weight loss progress and your efforts to overcome a weight-loss plateau aren’t working, talk with your doctor or a dietitian about other tactics to try. 

Still, you’re not totally out of scope for the solution if you hit your healthy weight rightly at the right time. Here’s some ways suggested by Online Personal Trainer, to push past your weight loss plateau—and start losing again.

Weight Loss Plateau Solutions

  1. Cut back on carbs

We all know that low carbs diets are extremely effective for weight loss then why it won’t work for weight loss plateau as well? All you need to do is follow the same routine you were following already with respect to your fitness goal or even work harder than you use to do and you’re done.  

It is believed that people who consume 50 or fewer grams of carbs per day loses more weight compared to those following traditional weight-loss diets. Also, the diet with low-carb has consistently been shown to reduce hunger and promote feelings of fullness more than other diets. In addition, they also force your body to produce ketones, which responsively reduce appetite. 

  1. Time to do Intense Workout 

Boosting up your exercising level and frequency may help reverse a weight loss plateau. 

This is because, once you lose some weight, unfortunately, your metabolic rate slows down. Now, it becomes difficult for the body to cope up with this reduced metabolism rate and hence the body discontinues further weight loss. 

Although, you can continue with Resistance training, which promotes the retention of muscle mass. It is a major factor that influences calories you burn during activity and at rest. In fact, resistance training appears to be the most effective type of exercise for weight loss especially when you’re trying to push past a weight-loss plateau.

Also, try to switch your workouts. The more you do any particular same exercise, the less challenging it becomes.

  1. Track Everything You Eat

Sometimes, it may seems as though you’re eating well and exercising well, yet you still have difficulty losing weight. Want to know why?

Well, because you are not consistent with your diet plan. It’s true! 

To past a weight loss plateau, initially, you will likely have to track your food intake by keeping a journal of what you eat every day. In research, it was proved that the act of recording your food intake alone may enhance your weight loss efforts. 

In addition, stick to the diet plan given by your dietitian and avoid junkies. Consider increasing your nutritional calories and decreasing your fats. Don’t leave the protein aside as you need to preserve your muscles for further weight loss. 

That was all. Follow the guide suggested by Best Personal Trainer Gurgaon and we hope you lose your weight soon! 

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