When Should You Show Up To A House Party?

There are more than just good décor, great food, and fantastic music at a good party that people will remember for long.

If you are someone who has been hosting parties for long or wish to start doing that, there are a specific set of unsaid rules and norms that you should abide by to make sure your guests are comfortable. The house parties in Delhi would show up a great option to enjoy with friends.

What many party guides will not tell you is that both the hosts and the guests should know which party to attend? When to visit? 

And till how long. 

These are especially important if the party is hosted by someone you do not know well enough. In that case, if you wish to avoid such dilemmas, you should opt for a much more simple option of a party in a club or a pub. Delhi is the best place where the house party can be organized in the best manner.

However, if you are about to attend a party organized by a client, your own company, your boss, or generally someone you are not well acquainted with, you should know when to arrive at the party. Let us break it down for you as to why it is important and what difference does it make :

1 For starters, when you show up to à party shows how keen or uninterested you are to attend the party. Try to stay away from either extreme of the spectrum and select a time that conveys none. This is to say that you should ideally arrive neither within five minutes of the mentioned starting time nor four hours later when it is almost coming to its end.

So if it is on time, what is the right time to show up?

Let’s suppose a house party with 20 to 50 people has an official start time of 8 PM, a smaller and more intimate house party with 10 to 20 people starts at 10 PM, an office cocktail party with 20 to 50 people has an official start time of 8 PM. What do you suppose will be the right time to show up to thèse parties ? Your hosts will be caught off guard if you arrive right on time, and you will leave an unpleasant impression if you arrive at the fag end of the country. People also celebrate the birthday there in the houses, villas, apartments, and farmhouses.

In such à case, choose to be fashionably late and arrive 15-20 minutes after the mentioned call time. Ensures you don’t drag it as further as an hour and a half. It is also acceptable to be half an hour late if you are acquainted with the host and can justify the delay without sounding like you’re making excuses to hide your disinterest in the party.

However, like everything, there is an exception to when you can be early to à party and even arrive before the call time: when you are best friends with the host. For someone who is super punctual and prides in being every were bang on time, we suggest you sit it out at your place to be 15 minutes late. It isn’t the wisest décision to conveys to your hosts that you are super bored and had nothing else to do the whole evening. If you intend to leave the party for other engagements, it is best to arrive half an hour after the call time. This ensures that the party will already have started in full swing, and the host is less likely to register your exit right away.

So, make sure you know what the party is for, who is hosting it, and where and based on the equation you might share with them? You will be the best judge to decide when to show up at a party. Just make sure you remember the ‘fashionable latérale and drop drag it in either direction. After all, it is not fun to either come as the early bird to a party or swoop in at the last moment.


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