Why are Tungsten Rings Popular Choice for Weddings?

When you hear tungsten, you can imagine something strong. Yes, you are cent percent right. Tungsten is popularly recognized as wolfram. This element is a heavy configuration of stone. In several countries, the quest for tungsten wedding rings is due to its strength, sophisticated with scratch-resistant substances, and positioned with a high melting point. There is a common point between the gold and tungsten.

Tungsten cannot be used in its purest form. So it used as tungsten carbide with a mixture of carbon, cobalt or nickel. This is the reason men wedding rings black are in much use. The ideal metal for wedding bands is considered to be tungsten. This helpful guide will do the need to let you inform about tungsten carbide wedding bands pros and cons, shopping tips, characteristics, and styles to avoid and best styles to wear.

As there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, you need to know the characteristics of tungsten.

  1. Tungsten is the first metal to be accepted by the millennial generation as wedding bands. Even men are in much use of it. It has now become de facto for the younger couple to have a pair to wear it on the day of the wedding.
  2. Its heavy selling is because of its modern technological advancement. It appears to be that of stainless steel. This makes a huge reason to buy it.
  3. Tungsten undoubtedly has got high industrial strength. So, be sure that you are taking back home a comfortable yet durable substance.
  4. As it is hypoallergenic, suits sensitive skinned people the most. You are not going to get any kind of irritation on the skin.
  5. All you need to maintain tungsten is just a soap and little amount of warm water.

Best Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

It is advised that when tungsten combined with nickel, it qualifies the ring. But, when you dip the same product with carbide, it can turn dangerous for your skin. So, invest your pocket on a men wedding rings black compounded with nickel only.

Black Tungsten Rings are organic wedding bands

If you have made up your mind to get one among the black rings, then go for Titanium Kay 2nd Generation rings. These rings are associated with solid black inlay features with scratch-proof characteristics. Pure black tungsten rings are not scratch proof. It may break under situations.

The popularity of Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

The popularity is because of the variety it displays in-ring section. You can get different sizes and type of carbide wedding bands compounded with tungsten in the following explanations: –

Classic Court

This is the most common ‘court ring’ or ‘traditional ring.’ This is mostly D-shaped and comes in round shape. You can use it to match sets.

D-Shaped Rings

The exterior appearance tungsten wedding rings for men are rounded, but to the interior of it is quite flat, ideal for men who have active participation in pursuing hobbies.

Flat Rings

The flat rings are equipped with flat surfaces in and out. People with an active lifestyle cannot suit the ambiance of it. But it is exotic for its comfort level that surrounds the ring finger.

Flat Court

If you want to get tungsten wedding rings for men, then it is flat and rounded and is an easy option. Flat court rings are streamlined to ensure prominence.

Now, as you have come to the bottom line, you have the idea about buying wedding rings consisting of tungsten as a base or complete tungsten wedding bands. So, pick your style, and you are all there to rock your wedding.


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