Why Choose Shandong Medical University ?

shandong medical university

Shandong University is one of the most popular universities in China and it is one of the biggest Universities also. The University has the direct support of the national government of China. The University that is present in front of the world as Shandong University is the result of mergers that have taken many times. The restructurings and splits took place for the betterment of the university. It involved over dozen institutions in the whole span of time. Shandong medical university offers various reasons to pursue the degree of MBBS.

The Campus

Shandong University has around 8 campuses. Out of these eight campuses, two are located in Jinan. The development of these campuses keeps going so that they can maintain the standards of education according to the International Expectations of the students because it gets various students from all over the world. The campuses are very big and they provide courses for medicine, engineering and Humanities. The students over here are given all the important facilities to survive well as students. They have libraries, hospitals, canteens, laboratories, classrooms, etc.

Security and Alumni

The important faculty members and alumni of the university are Gao hang who was the Pioneer of the modern interpretation of the I Ching that is corresponding with Mao Zedong. Ji Xianlin was a linguist, writer and historian. Lao She was the writer of the novel rickshaw boy and also the play Teahouse. Lu Kanru was one of the Scholars of classical Chinese literature. Mo Yan was an author and novelist of short stories. He was also the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in the year 2012. Wang Ganchang was a nuclear physicist and he was also one of the principal contributors for the Chinese nuclear deterrent.

The Quality of Education

The quality of education provided by Shandong University is highly appreciable and no compromise of sacrifice is made as far as the facilities provided to the students are concerned. All the students are given equal importance and no discrimination policy is practiced. This is important especially when there are students from different international backgrounds. The students who are local from China are also understanding towards international students. They befriend them very soon and take them into their comfort zone. This is the reason behind the number of international students who have studied at the University.


MBBS is a very prestigious degree and doing MBBS in China makes a double prestigious because the Chinese government is highly determined about the quality of education. It has a direct influence on the universities offering medical education to international students by providing them different kinds of scholarships, providing facilities to the universities, maintaining economic relations with countries and making different agreements and memorandums in favor of education. All these points support the education system for or international students. There are strict law and order in the country for making the students feel safe. The people in Chinese society also highly understand and they can easily manage to adjust with the International crowd living in their society.

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