Why is My Pen Drive Not Detected by Any PC – Get Instant Solution

“I just bought a LG pen drive, add some data on it and it was working on my computer perfectly. But, the issue is when I am connecting it with my laptop, then my usb stick not showing on my computer. I am using Windows 10 and when I double click on my pen drive, it is asking to insert a device. Can anyone tell me exactly what happen with my pen drive. Do I need to format it to make it detectable by my pc?

Pen drive is one of the foremost convenient data storage devices that is being widely used. It has the capacity to store large-sized data and there come many circumstances when you need to attach their pen drive to the PC. However, the issue occurs when their pen drive does not seem in Windows File Explorer. Also, the system does not show any notification for the same.

If users are facing the same issue and landed on this page while searching why is my pen drive not showing in my computer issue then, stop scratching your head. In this article, we will walk you through some simple and actually working techniques to resolve these issues.

Useful Tip: If your usb device is not showing in my computer then, this means your pen drive has some serious issues. Then format you pen drive after that try SysTools Pen Drive Data Recovery Tool to resolve all the problems related to pen drive.

Reasons for Why is My Pen Drive Not Showing in My Computer?

There could be various reasons behind this issue or your pen drive might be damaged physically or logically due to multiple factors. Few common reasons for the same are the following:

  • Improper Handling: Frequently inserting and removing a pen drive from the device while running may damage the file system of the pen drive.
  • Lost Drive Letter: A portable storage device without a drive letter cannot be shown from Windows Explorer. Hence, if your pen drive loses its drive letter then, your computer will not show it.
  • Connection Issues: If the USB drive is not attached properly to the PC due to a damaged USB port, adapter then, it cannot be recognized by the system.
  • Locked USB Drive: In a few cases, you make your pen drive write protected due to which PC becomes unable to read or find it.
  • Outdated Device Driver: If your pen drive not detected my computer but you can access by Device Manager with a yellow mark then, it points the problems like Why is my pen drive not detected by any PC?.

Troubleshooting Why is My Pen drive Is Not Detected By Any Computer

If the user’s USB drive is not detected in the computer after plugging it into your PCs then, it is a very common problem. Below are some easy tricks to this issue.

Connect Pen Drive on Another Computer

After encountering my USB stick not showing on my computer error, the first thing users should do is attach their pen drive to any other system.

If USB drive not detected by any PC then, your pen drive has few issues that you need to resolve.

If the pen drive is detected by another computer then, it means there is a problem with your previous computer or its plugging port.

Assign a Drive Letter to USB Drive

In case if your pen drive is connected to the PC but not appearing in File Explorer then, users can check it from the Disk Management to make sure whether its drive letter is missing. Please follow the below-mentioned steps to assign a drive letter to your pen drive

  • Open the Run by pressing Window + R Key
  • Then type diskmgmt.msc and click the Enter button to open Disk Management
  • Locate the USB drive and right-hit on it and choose Change Drive and Path… option
  • In new pop-up windows, click the Add button to assign a drive letter to the USB drive


Today, there are thousands of users who are facing problems such as why is my pen drive not detected by any pc. Well, this is so common and here we have disclosed the top 2 tricks to solve this problem in an efficient manner. Now, you can opt for any solution as per their comfort.


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