Why Should You Travel India? 5 Ultimate Reasons

India is an amazing place to travel and millions of foreign travelers are exploring this country every year. There is a huge increase in tourists every year. And maybe you are also thinking to have a trip to this biggest democracy in the world. Here we are with the top 5 reasons to travel to India. I hope these reasons will make your traveling more entertaining.

5 Reasons to Travel India | Incredible India Travel Guide

  1. The Tajmahal

This is a monument that carrying a symbol of love. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built it upon his wife Mumtaj’s graveyard. He mainly wanted to express his feelings for his loving wife by this huge symbol. The architect of this monument is surprising.

  1. The Himalayas

Himalayas is one of the most beautiful ranges of mountains in the world. Most of the Himalayas area is in Nepal and India. You can enjoy the beauty of Himalayas if you travel to India. That’s an amazing opportunity for you.

  1. Food

Foods are really tasty here. Local people love spicy foods mostly, but you will find every type of food. I am suggesting the food from Maharashtra, you just need to try.

If you can eat spicy food, then you will enjoy Indian food a lot. I can’t finish telling the items or menus. There are hundreds of items.

  1. Friendly People

People are really friendly there. You can travel solo full safely. They care about tourists and respect them. If you are a European or white person, then you will be treated like a celebrity here in India territories.

  1. Enormous Spots to Explore

Whatever your interest is, you will find similar spots to explore in India. There are deserted land in Rajasthan and snow falling land in Sikkim and Kashmir. Every type of spot is available. If you have a clear plan and vision then you will have lots of fun for sure. The north Indian side is more entertaining with exciting culture and language.


There is many more reason that we can add here to travel to India. India is a true destination for the nature lover. There are lots of things to explore and see. I’ve been there three times and yet I’m not satisfied. I will be in Sikkim next year, I hope you will have a trip to this amazing country.


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