Your favorite item of clothing at the moment

Well for me, comfort comes first. Usually, I like to wear simple, comfortable clothes. A pair of jeans and trousers are my all-time favourites. I m not that choosy when it comes to fashion, but still, make sure to keep me with the trend in a simple manner. But of course, to get a stunning look at the parties as well. Dressing sense also gets affected by the climate where people live in. I live in a tropical area, so I generally favour light-coloured fabrics, to keep me safe from the warmth of the scorching sun. Lightweight denim jeans or shorts with light tops go well.

Your favourite item of clothing at the moment

So whether you are heading towards the office or weekend outing with friends or families, denim serves you best for every occasion. You can easily get a semi-formal look with a shirt or a fully casual look wearing a tee.

Fashion is something which I can carry. I have seen many girls wearing high heels though not being comfortable enough, only to be with the trend? Is that fashion! For me, it’s a no. As the fashion for you is whatever you follow to make yourself comfortable. Whether it is ethnic wear or western wear.

Well, if you ask about my dislikes, then I don’t like an untidy or messy look or flashy coloured fabrics. Though again I would like to mention. It is completely a personal choice and everyone has the right to wear whatever they feel like. You can get great discount on clothing online using Tjori coupons.

People behave according to what they put on. If someone is wearing formals, he tries to be a bit more professional and confident. Whereas if someone is wearing a casual dress, he feels more relaxed and comfortable. Those who are in the corporate world, mainly get used to formals, whereas students and teachers have their own uniform while the rest are allowed to wear casual clothes at work.

What is my favourite clothing item?

Well, I would love to share about my pair of ripped denim jeans which is my favourite attire for nowadays. It seems among the pile of dresses it’s the only standalone apparel I owe, which I have in my closet.

I bought them a few years back that too in an unbelievable cheaper rates form one of the second-hand markets in Delhi. We all know Delhi to be famous for shopping that too at much lower rates. Jeans are an all-time favourite and never go out of fashion. And I hope none in this world don’t owe jeans. Whenever I put those jeans on I feel a bit highlighted among the crowd. A few years back, ripped jeans came into fashion and I too went with the flow as they were really comfortable wearing. But as we know with years of fashion and trends keeps on changing, but I remained the same. I didn’t even think of leaving my jeans. I wear them almost everywhere. And the best part of denim is that they never go out of fashion. May be their style and look differ a bit, but the fabric keeps on ruling for decades. But its quite simple why I love this attire so much. They literally serve your all purposes. First, they look stylish and fashionable. You can pair it up with sweatshirts, cardigans, tee tops, and the event even change your style by adding up some layering. They are easy to mix and match as well. You can wear them with plenty of options and not even caring about how you look in the eyes of others. And lastly, they are so strong and durable, even if you want them to get worn out, you will not be able to. They are never out of fashion and last long and save tons of money.

I am really in love with my ripped jeans, though they are getting faded away nowadays still I crave these trends to come back and again become famous among teenagers again. You can apply for Assistant Fashion Designer Jobs to know about this field.

Clothes and dresses are never that important to me. I always prefer comfort on the first go, and yet I want to look stylish and presentable at the same time. I am a bit more practical in choosing my daily wear. Basically, if you notice trends have not changed much for decades. In college days I used to wear jeans pairing up with tops and I am still continuing the fashion. May the cutting and styling have changed a bit since then. On those days I preferred straight cut jeans whereas now I do wear slim fit or pencil jeans.

I think clothes determines our personality, it shows who we are and also tells much about our background. Your clothing can tell about your profession, and many use them as a tool for expression. Your dressing sense represents your personality of being creative in nature.

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