Solar Carport – A complete Guide To make it Worth

Rising sales of EVs (electric vehicles) create the possibility of installing solar carports worldwide, on a residential and commercial basis. In addition, the decrease in the prices of solar panels increases the demand for solar carports. 

However, a solar carport is also a sustainable clean energy solution, while providing a shaded parking area in the same spot.

If you have decided, hire a solar panel installation company to ensure you get the benefits of a solar carport.

What is A Solar Carport?

In simple terms, a solar carport makes dual use of the same space to generate solar energy and provide a roof for vehicles. A canopy made of PV (photovoltaic panels) harnesses solar energy and protects your vehicles from direct sunlight, wind, etc. Which is installed above the parking area.

Moreover, you can either use it to charge your EV (Electric Vehicle) or store it for later use in your home’s needs.

Residential Solar Carport Vs Commercial Solar Carport

Basically, the difference between a residential and a commercial is that a residential carport is a dual-purpose structure that not only shelters vehicles but also uses solar energy to power their homes. They are usually small-scale and found on residential properties.

On the other hand, commercial carports are large-scale structures that are mainly installed in parking lots or open spaces of commercial properties. It aims to reduce electricity costs for businesses by generating solar energy while providing parking space for employees, customers, or tenants.

Residential Carport

multipurpose residential solar carport

A practical, multipurpose, and affordable structure can be used in many ways, from providing a dry, shaded place for your parked vehicle to cutting your monthly electricity bill. But finding enough space at home to install solar panels can be a challenge. 

However, if you have the right space to build a structure for residential solar carports. You can generate renewable energy to power your home while protecting your vehicle. With the addition of solar panels as a roof, a residential solar carport differs from a typical one.

Commercial Carport

larger-scale commercial solar carports structures

For businesses of all sizes, including commercial and industrial, A commercial solar carport can provide a sustainable, reliable, cost-effective energy source where there is sunlight and enough paved land or parking lot area.

These ground-mounted solar panels generate clean energy as well as provide shade to parked cars. 

How To Build A Solar Carport

Obviously, It provides a great place to protect your parked vehicle and a renewable energy source. There are some key factors to consider while building A Solar Carport. If you do, It may meet the needs for which you are investing.

Make A Plan for Your Solar Carport

While you are planning, make sure you have marked these:

  • What is your intention to build a solar carport? Reducing electricity bills is your main goal, and you can use it on a daily basis.
  • Do you have a suitable location for exposure to sunlight? 
  • Available space and carport orientation can not only maximize energy generation potential but also facilitate vehicle movement and access.
  • Deciding the size and capacity of a solar carport while balancing energy production goals and the space available to install solar panels.
  • How many solar panels will you need to meet your energy needs? Panel efficiency, space, structure, and sunlight are the main parameters to calculate the required solar panel.

Design Considerations for Solar Carports

If you already have a carport structure. This can limit the design options for you. Otherwise, principles of modern design should consider building a new home or commercial carport which ensures that it will be functional and visually appealing. 

Factors such as solar panel types, efficiency, durability, and installation angle play an important role in optimizing a carport’s energy production capabilities.

Advantage and Disadvantage

Solar panel carports have many advantages and disadvantages compared to rooftop and traditional ground-mounted solar-powered systems. Although, it’s Installation cost is slightly more than a rooftop solar system of the same capacity,


Generate Renewable Energy

Turn a parking lot into a renewable energy generator.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Carports can provide ample energy for your needs, whether residential or commercial. Which can make your energy bill low or even zero.

Protect vehicle 

Along with financial and environmental benefits, solar carports offer the same coverage and protection to your vehicle from rain, snow, and UV rays as traditional carports.

Ensure Easy EV Charging 

It makes it easy to charge the Electric Vehicle (EV) while parking.


A little bit Expensive

A solar carport is a relatively expensive way to provide shade for a vehicle. 

Need Adequate Space

To install solar panels, finding and providing adequate space to build a structure can be difficult.

Cost of Installation

Making the connection between a solar-powered carport and the grid or home battery bank is a complex task, it may also require additional infrastructure which increases the cost of installation.

Maintenance Fees

Annual inspection and cleaning are required to ensure it operates at maximum capacity, maintenance if necessary. Hence, the need to hire solar panel cleaning and maintenance services every year.